On this page I gather tutorials that may help you through the steps of French Poetry patterns garment construction. I am neither the author nor affiliated in any way to these videos: I just link to contents I find useful on the web, because why re-do something that was done well by others 🙂 You can find the author of each video by clicking on the title.

Happy sewing!



Narrow hem
Sewing a narrow hem, basically the most used in my patterns!
Blind hem - machine
How to sew a blind hem (invisible hem) with a sewing machine.
Curved hem
Yes, sometimes the pattern calls for a hem on a curved piece... How to do this?
Rolled hem
Sewing a rolled hem with the rolled hem foot.
Blind hem - by hand
Because sometimes nothing replaces hand stitching 🙂



How to sew perfect-looking darts, the easy and the pro way!

Invisible zipper

How to insert an invisible zipper with a zipper foot.

Spaghetti straps, bow ties, and more

How to insert an invisible zipper with a zipper foot.

Elastic casing

How to sew an elastic casing and inserting the elastic inside.


How to make gathers, because I love them and put them everywhere!